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Privacy Policy

Last Update: 2022-12-01

By using our services, you are certifying that you fully agree with the Privacy Policy presented in this document.

This Privacy Policy only applies to the data provided through our WEB site. In the same way, it does not apply to external WEB sites (if any), which through links are redirected outside our WEB site, nor does it apply to third-party companies hired to handle payment of credit card transactions (if any).

Facilities Wash Services, Inc. (FWS) does not request or store credit card information on our website.

Our company is committed to protecting your information, so your information will not be sold, rented, or shared with any entity outside of Facilities Wash Services, Inc. and its affiliates (if any), except as required by law. We use the information provided by you through our WEB page only to contact you and be able to offer you our services.​

If you have any questions or if you wish to file a claim, you can do so in writing by sending an email to

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